this weeks update, 17/2/2020

this weeks update, 17/2/2020



Published on February 17, 2020

This weeks update to see how the ladies are doing. Im also going to be doing a q &a session in a few weeks time so why not pop a question in an email and send it to me here at or alternatively pop one in the comments below but please remember to mark it for the q & a s

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EnZedHarambeGrow 7 months ago
been waiting on your updates lol. looks like the gardens had a huge update
HeartStrongGarden 7 months ago
looking niiiice ♡♡
QuickWic 7 months ago
Cool vid thanks !! I just wondered with the LEDS can they be closer to the plants or is it still best to leave the same distance as you would with a sodium ?!
Jaykalibudsuk 6 months ago
Hi ya. Can you please tell me why you spray the walls with water.? Is it because you want high humidity or sommet. What lights do you use aswell please. I do not touch my fan leaves until 2 weeks into flower then I'll deleaf up to 30 percent. The plants need them fan leaves but it's your plants so it's up to you. Keep up the good work tho.
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