The Weigh In | 5 Days Hung in Tent | Start the Cure

The Weigh In | 5 Days Hung in Tent | Start the Cure



Published on March 20, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we Weigh and Jar my Harvest! I would have liked her to hang a few days longer or more but I struggled to keep humidity up in the tent and keep good air movement and ventilation. I would keep it around 50% during the day but at night I had to turn my h

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Mr-Foxx1970 2 months ago
now I would say that's growing like a motherfuker holyshit that's beautiful load I love to look at all those butts I'll wait until my OG Kush comes around it's going to be a good harvest to so keep up the good work but I'd love to see your videos growing that bud that God produces this beautiful flower for us to do is very satisfying you thank you very much for your videos
NomadicNative 2 months ago
Great job! Here’s a commercial tip for you. Sounds like you brought the buds down to somewhere around 50% humidity, in your jars use 62% boveda packs to bring the bud humidity back up & cure the buds. The packs are 2 way, meaning they can take humidity out or put it back it, no need to worry about burping jars but I still shake the buds daily to move them around a bit.
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
That's a killer first harvest. I was off by 1.5 ozs. Very nice. Honestly, the best way to get more weight is either more light or a better light. It's the most important link in the chain; light, food, water, soil, air, technique. It took me years to figure that out.
ZoltrixGrower 2 months ago
Just checked everyone, it looks like JayGrows had the closest guess on the weight with a guess of 11 ounces!
Wabbit 2 months ago
right on man, that is solid for your harvest, keep up the good/hard work and reap the benefits, happy growing my friend
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