THE WEED BOX March 2020 unboxing & testing the new glass

THE WEED BOX March 2020 unboxing & testing the new glass



Published on March 21, 2020

This was sent to me in PR, but all my opinions are my own :)

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This isn't a subscription BUT they do have new boxes in LIMITED quantities each month. You just order when you want

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GlitterIsMyCrack 4 months ago
Girl I clicked so FAST! I hope you’re doing well and your family. I’ve missed your vids. XOX Luna
PincheAlys 4 months ago
Yasss I’m currently smoking and watching, gurl you know I ain’t missing this out .
cmckenzie90 4 months ago
hey just an idea but try shining a flashlight under your cobalt piece. you should be able to see the water level. I did it with my Silenced Hippie peace pipe and the light really made a difference.
Punkash420 4 months ago
Before I got a incense burner I just stuck the incense in a plant I had inside and used that lol
Blazed_Binx 4 months ago
you have too much water in the new bong you got. the perks are being drowned. the water level should be between the bottom and middle perk from how overfilled it sounded as well as looked as you were hitting. learn your pieces like you learn your car, each bong needs a different amount of water for the best hit possible which you learn by trial and error by filing and dry hitting it as you are filling it without the bowl in your piece. if there are perks they should make a nice purring sound while being dry hit. hopefully you dont take any offense just trying to help.
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