THE WEED BOX December Christmas Mega Box - bonus glass?!

THE WEED BOX December Christmas Mega Box - bonus glass?!



Published on December 04, 2020

Welcome to my channel! Get a bowl and stay a while - we like to unbox stoner things here. I keep links, discount codes, and box infodown here in the description box \/


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ChrissyHarless 1 month ago
High everyone!! So what are you getting your best stoner friend for Christmas? And do you have any other strain suggestions similar to the uplifting & creative effects of Blue Dream? This Amnesia was amazing for mid day smoke but I can't usually find it here in Michigan.
kaitlynn811 1 month ago
Can you please please make a Amazon stoner list for beginners technically I’m not a beginner I’ve been smoking for years and years but mostly out of bowl pipes, rellos and some joints and I’ve been wanting to get some pieces of glass and stuff like that and my fiancé is trying to find some good glass pieces and accessories to get me for Christmas as so am I but he doesn’t know that so that’ll be a secret lol
sydneyms 1 month ago
The cones are kinda like a peppermint/menthol kind of taste
GlitterIsMyCrack 1 month ago
Cyclones Icedream cones are a minty vanilla flavor. Hth
Lpope 1 month ago
I love that pipe so much! thanks for another great unboxing!
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