The Weed Box - January 2020 Mega Box

The Weed Box - January 2020 Mega Box



Published on January 30, 2020

Ok...first vid here and I'm honestly a bit nervous! See...I had to give up smoking for a bit when I worked a job that tested regularly, then going through the whole having kids phase, and now I feel like even though I've been smoking for nearly half my life I am being reintroduced to all of

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Tatyana 7 months ago
I’m a dedicated YouTube subscriber and I was sad to hear they took down this video but glad you posted here! Excited to see what else you have in store.
amandasparket 7 months ago
so excited to see you on the weedtube! I love watching your youtube vids!
dewn2g0915 7 months ago
Congrats on your first video. Great job!
AKittyLITS 7 months ago
you have no idea how much I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! I'm so inspired by watching them, I've prob watched them all at least twice
bluegreener 7 months ago
I joined here after watching your YouTube vid. I’m looking forward to seeing better cannabis content here where you don’t have to worry about being threatened by YouTube! Thanks for pointing me in this direction. My husband and I are new to cannabis and II think it would be so much fun to make vids here. I’m trying to talk him in to it:)
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