The plants! I will kill them. “Die,” I say! “Die!”

The plants! I will kill them. “Die,” I say! “Die!”



Published on June 30, 2020

I'm thinking of becoming a Kevin. That's the white male equivalent of a Karen, maybe.

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SKEastCoast 4 months ago
I got a better story. I'm at the eye doctor place in Wal-mart. I just finished paying this pretty lady for my new contacts. And, I ask her if there's something she can do to help me tell the difference between the left and right. Because when they are both out I can't read the words on the box. It's in small print. Why would you do that? I'm thinking all this lady has to do to fix this problem is grab a black sharpie pen and write a big ass L and R on each box. But, all she could do was give me a stupid sorry answer and no solution. She was the definition of bimbo. I don't know how this woman had enough brains to get out of bed every morning. I was furious at this point. I called up the store after I got home to explain to her why I was mad. And, she again gave me the speech about how there was nothing that she could do. I totally lost it and cussed her out and hung up on her. This is a person that simply does not want to do their job and doesn't care about the customer.
Lpope 4 months ago
my response? "Ok.. you can suck my dick!... have a nice day"
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