Published on March 01, 2018
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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my video of the behind the scenes of the creation of the Weedtube!
What started out as an idea on the back burner turned into a decision made out of necessity. Cheers to the future and The Weedtube!
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stoneyspike 1 year ago
Everything about this video mad my soul so happy! thank you for telling this story Ev! love you!!
littleelfqueen 1 year ago
I CRIED WATCHING THIS. I was honestly in a depressive state again recently but after Tim's channel got deleted and TheWeedTube was being made, I snapped out of it and Im working hard on myself again. Im so excited to see how this journey unfolds. Loved the editing and background of it all you guys went through, Eve. Keep up the AMAZING work guys. ????????????
cosmiccloudz420 1 year ago
We are the future. We’re going to continue this together and push forward. Thank you guys for this movement of the Weedtube. YouTube took such amazing art like Arend said and trashed it. Fuck YouTube. The Weedtube will thrive. ????????????????
vanessa 1 year ago
I did not want to upload my videos on YouTube for so many reasons, and I was hoping something else would come along. Thanks for making this happen! I am looking forward to seeing more of my favorite channels upload here! I can't wait to create and upload content on a supportive platform. Weed has been a major part of my life for 14+ years, and I have so much to share. Cheers!
smack518 1 year ago
Took me forever to watch this with the buffering last night, but so worth it! You guys should be so proud of yourselves. And it seems the speeds are much better this morning. I watched Sasha and Tim's videos with no buffering this morning.

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