the Golden Chalise plant found while on a mission!

the Golden Chalise plant found while on a mission!



Published on April 18, 2020
Out on a Kokua (unconditional assistance, like the fairies came in and did it while you slept ;-)

Helping out clear brush and reclaim space for a friend. While we were working we ran across a flower i have been admiring for a while. Well come to find out it is a teacher medcine plant that was used
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Wabbit 5 months ago
ty for posting this....foraging through the forest on the island is something i miss and its a activity i used to do with a number of my uncles and auntys growing up, i remember at times hating to do it back then, but have realized that those skills have helped me out through out life, learning about plants and there uses is simply amazing and we all need to do it more, thanks for the info on the golden cup, stay safe out there and happy growing
RosinSmoke 5 months ago
you guys are having the best time 24/7
SKEastCoast 5 months ago
I remember when joints were called joints.
ZoltrixGrower 5 months ago
Great video, neat plant for sure. it all looks so much different then here lol. Thanks for sharing, happy smoking!
BadGranny 5 months ago
AND.....WE DIDNT DIE!!! what a great video sister!!! Mahalo Nui Loa ALWAYS AMD FOREVER MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER!! here's to MANY MORE ADVENTURES!!!
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