The Ghost of Vlogmas Past....


Published on December 07, 2018
Hi guys :) I just really wanted to upload a video with some of my favorite moments .from the last three Decembers I have been making videos. I really hope you guys enjoy and love all of you so much! Happy Vlogmas!

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moongirl1125 5 months ago
Soooo many memories in one video..LOVE it..
wor1dofchances 5 months ago
jenohyeah 5 months ago
High key miss watch and sesh
stonedin_ne 5 months ago
Oh nooo I tried commenting on this but it went on another video?! ? I said I'm excited to see the older videos I haven't seen?
rolo 5 months ago
whoa all the little clips from everyone from watch in sesh last year had me shook ??????

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