Published on January 14, 2019
Here's mine XD
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smack518 6 months ago
OMG This is almost exactly my first time story. Except it was my gf of the time. No one told me my heart rate would rise. I was convinced it was laced. She kept saying it wasn't good weed. And asking do you need an ambulance? Not helpful. Though she did have a tray of normal brownies at the ready and Gatorade. So she was prepped that way. Then she thought putting on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the TV was a good idea. It wasn't.
kingindica 6 months ago
First time I ever smoked pot I was a 14 year old freshman and I went with these older kids one other girl that was about my age to the park next to my old high school. A dude takes lit his little metal pipe and eventually it got to me. Before I started smoking weed I had NO CLUE how to light a lighter so my friend that introduced me to weed would light it for me each time. After that everyone went there separate ways and I went back to school. Never was high in school before but I decided I was gonna sit in the library until it was time to take the after school bus. When I walked in to the school I would walk by someone and think it was a kid that I knew but it turned out to be a completely differenf person. Lol that was weird. Luckily I was comfortably high and not fucked up. The weed we were smoking then was definitely not as potent as the weed I cop now from my dispensary. This was about 5 years ago so I have a lot of stoner adventures to tell. By the way, at the end of this video you looked like Jackie from That 70s Show when they form the smoke circle in the basement.???
lizzyl08 6 months ago
Favorite part was Mac scaring you
mommabelle 2 months ago
_,\|/,_ THUMBS UP! _,\|/,_ "In the fetal position, with drool on her chin, she got up and smoked weed with Willie again" - hahaha!
stoneradam 6 months ago
Loved the video

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