The Epidemic Of Fake Cartridges

The Epidemic Of Fake Cartridges



Published on September 10, 2019

So I've been saying this for about a year a so and now we finally see the outcome of illegal fake cartridgesplaguing our country right now. This is now a serious issue and it's sad to say that this will not be the last death. There are 6 deaths as of uploading this video. We need to spread m

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stonersomething 5 days ago
Glad to see you spreading awareness to this
Infalung78 5 days ago
great video brother keep cranking them out✌
Ben9AndOne3rd 5 days ago
What's up Simplisick? Great video and content. I agree with you on promoting both smoking and spreading info. I vape daily on both thc and ejuice and the thc game is getting a little wacky. Hopefully it all gets figured out before too many others pass away. Keep up the good work.
stoney_Steph 5 days ago
You have no idea the problem we have out east here.. everybody faking cartridges and selling for $80 .. dank,king pin, I have like 5 in my closet.. no body believed me that they aren’t even real and that made me not trust vape pens.. tri state east coast
mguti420 4 days ago
look up mr atx on youtube dude is fucken funny throwing up gang signs smoking dank vapes reviews shit is laughs
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