THC:CBD Ratios To Pursue + GAIA Herbal Review

THC:CBD Ratios To Pursue + GAIA Herbal Review



Published on October 18, 2019

Today a discussion of interesting THC:CBD ratios for breeders, dispensaries and consumers to pursue, as well as a review of the latest vape to hit my mailbox! CORRECTION; at 4:34 I meant to say "Sativa-dominant", not "CBD-dominant", sorry about that lol this was my 2nd take, so I

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Grassy_Gnoll 4 months ago
Colorado did more for me than CBD as far as removing paranoia. No crime, no paranoia. YMMV Definitely like experimenting with CBD ratios. Great video!
Ryno_grows 4 months ago
If you are looking for a 3/1 CBD to THC ratio, look at cookies & chill by Seedsman.
DazGobzine 2 months ago
I’m in no rush to start vaping ( I’m in Illinois and will only do it legally) but I’m here for education. I used to be a take a few hitters throughout the day when I had some then not even think about it smoker but with it becoming legal I want to get my ducks in a row before spending my money and any help like this channel is appreciated!
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