THANKS The Weed Tube / Smoke Sesh - Fr (ENG SUBTITLES)


Published on July 12, 2019

Little smoke sesh with a new homemade bong,

and talk about the weed tube and all itsbenefit !

Instagram : @canna_kush_lover

See you next week !

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hizbd 1 week ago
I love that you took TheWeedTube community global can’t wait to see how much bigger it gets this year!
tnb-naturals-inc 1 week ago
ArendRichard 1 week ago
You are so welcome friend! Keep the amazing content coming!
marieee-v 1 week ago
1:52 got me dead
provisional-stoner 1 week ago
Love the homemade bong! That function looks pretty good!

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