Published on June 15, 2019

It's a lovely day to get high af ! Join me as I taste test some black market products :)

Category : New Tubers


baby-keeks 4 weeks ago
smart carts are fake boo :(
Lilbeanerbaby 1 month ago
lmfaoooo your girlfriend trying to get the dog in the car has me deaddddd bc that's how my dog be actin like she can't get in the car ...also I never seen it in the vape form before so cool tho
elimitchell 3 weeks ago
love the channel girly keep uploading
BuddySavage420 1 month ago
nice video did the weedtube creators reach out to your for your payment setup yet jw how long after you reach the requirements to get paid
BakedGoods 2 weeks ago
Y’all don’t know how hard I thought I was trippin when I heard the girl and the dog

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