Terpenes - What are they? Botanical Vs. Cannabis


Published on April 29, 2019
Let's talk about Terpenes! What are they, and what do they do? What is botanical vs Cannabis...and which is better? What are terpenes role in Cannabis? (Sorry, guys, if Ipronounced anything weird - or got anything wrong... I'm still learning, too!)
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ArendRichard 2 months ago
INSECTS?! I had no idea. So interesting
creativeharm 2 months ago
I agree--I think if we are consuming cannabis products (doesn't matter if it's cbd or thc) our terps should come from the cannabis plant. I don't know why people put botanical terpenes in cannabis products, when they have the plant right there! And it is an interesting note--why don't plants that have these terps effect us in the same medicinal way cannabis does? They do to an extent, hence aroma therapy and healthy eating; however, for a chronic patient, these things will not bring pain relief or relieve insomnia, or help with chronic nausea etc. like it does with cannabis. It might help a little, but not by the population we see with cannabis. Is it because of the endocannabinoid system and how the cannabinoids bind to receptors? Do the terps hang onto the cannabinoids? Is it the combination of cannabinoids and terps that work so well?
sofabudz 1 month ago
We're learning so much being on here. This girl rocks! This community rocks!
mommabelle 1 month ago
_,\|/,_ INTELLIGENT head on her SHOULDERS! _,\|/,_ #Recommended

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