Talking about the end of the world on edibles

Talking about the end of the world on edibles



Published on September 01, 2019

Welcome back to a new episode of Arend Loves You! This week's main segment features myself and my friends taking legal cannabis edibles that are guaranteed to kick in in 20 minutes or less. It's pretty hilarious, features Indica Wife and Cannachrissy. This episode also covers the week that w

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medicinalmanderz 4 months ago
This is the kind of company I’d love to work with. New ideas are taken seriously, drive, ambition, community, etc. I love everything that TWT is becoming and what it means for the cannabis community. Thank you all!
ts420 4 months ago
We should just replace plastic with hemp plastic
idyllic710 4 months ago
omg did not know ab the kelp! good to know! if only we could put that in to effect immediately..also love how responsible you are with your animals...wish everyone treated their pets like you treat yours! thanks for always making my sunday better♡
Thebuddah 4 months ago
i clicked right on it cuz of the title
joLLystoner 4 months ago
hey I just wanted to say best video to watch on a nice sunny summer day.. love you my dude
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