Talking About DRAGULA and Growing Up (w/ Biqtch Puddin) || Part 1


Published on April 29, 2019

Hey everyone! In this week's episode of Watch and Sesh, I sit down with Biqtch Puddin! We talk about drag, experiences with bullying and coming out. I hope you all enjoy part 1!

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bluntlynicole 1 month ago
Um, this is my fav episode ever <33333 I love Biqtch holy shit stan foreverr
mommabelle 1 month ago
_,\|/,_ EXCELLENT! _,\|/,_
alysmokes 1 month ago
I love thiisssss. My first bongrip was out of a gravity bong too
oregonexperts 1 month ago
We stan the microphones. oof.
provisional-stoner 1 month ago
love love love! Art school students for lifeeeee.

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