T& Toke Break Oct 4th 2019

T& Toke Break Oct 4th 2019



Published on October 06, 2019

YES! Two Give aways One For USA residents only and is 10 prizes worth $100+ each in CBD Products!

The Other? A seed and t-shirt give away!!!Check the links below after the video! for 15% discount in the cart

1stwinner – A Vault T Shirt and

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steppinelf 1 month ago
Sounds Serendipitous! Holidays are the best for healing.As for dancing, never let an opportunity pass by to dance you never know what the future holds, just dance!I'm legal here to grow for myself, but I'm just getting started medicating so I'm working on sleep 1st keep seizures and migraines at bay, but it doesn't keep me functioning through chronic pain during the day. Could you do an "IMO" strain vid? Skittles sounds good. And thanks for the info on the canola oil, and mayo, its a staple here, and I worry about our overall health, I can always make our spread from scratch :) <3
itsmebdon 1 month ago
Hey there, awesome video! I just came across your page and love your content! Can’t wait to see more :) Let’s support each other! Much love.
Ganja_Guy808 1 month ago
I had no clue about the canola oil thank u so much
Vape-Gal 1 month ago
food basics have those pork loin on sale quite a bit. I also cut them into chops and roast yummm. thanks for the lesson Mayo
kushin’kels 1 month ago
Another awesome video! Loved this one.
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