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Category : Comedy
Published on April 15, 2019

Day 4 of TheWeedTube countdown challenge, I decided to try and do a mukbang. Due to my dietary restrictions from my illness' I cant eat a lot or high in fat so I had the idea to do a sushi mukbang.

TheWeedTube will be doing 48 hours of maintenance this week but has not told us when yet, so I...

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bigtittydude 1 week ago
This was so cute ???
lensden 1 week ago
the sushi and that joint looked amazing? glad you were able to do the mukbang??
tokiedokie420 1 week ago
Yahhhhs I live for a spicy tuna roll!! A joint and sushi is always a good idea! Love this!!! ?
rjthecunning 22 hours ago
I love your cat's name! ☄️

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