Published on September 01, 2018
I thought it was time to really introduce Mac to Ukrainian food. Check out how it all went, as we do the Ukrainian food haul in West Hollywood, and then mac gives it all a try.
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smack518 8 months ago
You're so foreign! But seriously this was fun. I'm Iranian American and we have our weird candies and stuff as well. Stuff that only Persians like. But most of our stuff is delicious. ?
babydeartina 8 months ago
You’re so foreign
cbdcannabiscrystals 8 months ago
Yay I love this! I had no idea you were born in Ukraine Koala! I am MIND BLOWN! First I didn't know there were Ukraine Markets in the states, love that. Next I could listen to you speak Ukrainian forever, it was the greatest thing ever. Please teach me how to speak it while I am high OMG I WOULD DIE HAPPY! But in all seriousness this was fantastic, entertaining, kinda disgusting and above all else hella educating! Thank you for enlightening us and many smiles your way. Much love and cheers for a lit muckbang!
mctokin420 8 months ago
You're so foreign
isiquezada 8 months ago
no matter how long your videos are I always want mooore, your videos are greatttt keep the good work

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