Published on May 30, 2019

In this video, I do a quick sunset sesh to share the beauty with you all & update you on where I've been! ENJOY!

Category : WeedTube


triko 3 weeks ago
hey meghan! my day has been pretty good so far. i got offered an interview for a paid summer internship in the cannabis industry which i am pretty excited about! then had class and got some yummy falafel to eat while i watch videos <3 happy to see your upload :-))
run.out92 3 weeks ago
Happy to virtually smoke a joint with you!
jamiemarie 3 weeks ago
OKKKKK wow beautiful. The sunset and you
hrarendsen 3 weeks ago
We need a sesh with Fin!
sadgirlsaira 3 weeks ago
Heck yeah baby!! New weedtube video

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