Published on February 20, 2019
idk this video got me a strike on youtube
Category : WeedTube


heather_bee93 4 months ago
i watched this on youtube and was shocked when it was deleted twice. i hope you start posting on here more. we need your content. you were really hitting your stride on youtube i’m sorry they tried to fuck you.
karlinamk 4 months ago
girl.... use a guitar pick if you're smoking kief. that little thing that comes with grinders? throw em out.
tmays 4 months ago
when she said “sometimes u just gotta say ‘u know what bitch, I’m good’” I felt that.
stonedalone 4 months ago
ayy good to see you on here!
sunshine22 1 week ago
I'm so happy you're on WeedTube now! ily!!

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