Published on April 30, 2019
Sasha and I go head to head with Stoner UNO while unboxing Daily High Clubs AprilBox

What did you think of this game? Did you play along?
Category : WeedTube


victor 2 weeks ago
Red2 I love all your videos my favorite part was watching you get Sasha baked I thought that was so funny I didn’t even know there was anybody out there that could force her to smoke that much LOL both of you guys were stone at the end
lefucri 2 weeks ago
My question is... wats that dislike tho!???..How can you not like this???
babydeartina 2 weeks ago
red 2
thegoldenfive-west 2 weeks ago
Red2 Loved the video, Ya'll looked faded at the end! :o)
wisp 2 weeks ago
v fun video, love that collab. you never see Sasha take that many hits back to back so that was funny af. red2

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