Stoner self care 4.20 Tag


Published on April 30, 2019
Hello Theweedtube! I was tagged by @hizbd for @cannasseurq‘s Stoner self care 4.20 Tag! An awsome video idea where the cannabis community is asked to talk about 4 things they do for their personal stoner self care, and 2 new things they wish To add to their routine ! I hope you enjoyed this ta
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oregonexperts 2 months ago
Yaaaaas!!!! Break the freaking stoner stereotypes with self care like a mofo BOSS!!!!
hizbd 2 months ago
Love this
sagefoxx 2 months ago
I love this so much his voice is so relaxing❤ I absolutely love the positive vibes he gives☮
lazer 2 months ago
Thank you for letting me hear the birds
cannasseurq 2 months ago
Love how relaxing this video is <3 Thanks so much for doing my challenge, man!!! ^u^

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