Published on January 18, 2019
Hey buds! Thank you so much for supporting me here on TheWeedTube! In this video I tell you guys about my top 10 stoner pet peeves, all of which I am guilty of doing. Lol. I hope you guys enjoy the video! What are some of your peeves???

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spazanonfemalestyle 1 year ago
Yes girl, preach! Especially about pets and smoke. My pupper LOVES the smell and will get completely in my face so I have to be either outside or put a door between us lol. But it tickles my paranoia so hard about her health. I get so emotional about it when I see people do that.
ashwild 1 year ago
Im that friend™? that always "bitches" (as they call it) about my pals blowing smoke in their animal's faces and i get soooo much shit for it. Like okay your animals nasal ways and more are gonna be fucked up so excuseeee my ass for not smoking near your pet or blowing smoke directly in their poor helpless face.
luvthyself420 1 year ago
My biggest stoner pet peeve has got to be when someone kills your stone ? ooooh laaaawwwd! That would end friendships for me ??????? ps absolutely love all your videos your honestly so funny even when your not trying to be your still hilarious ? I need that dizzlepuffs bong in my life ?? also please don’t delete insta ?(at least until the weedtube app has been released ??) your posts and story’s keep me going through the day ?? xxx
sunflowergirl420 1 year ago
I hate when people dont clear the bong all the way before they pass it to me lol
aesthederick 1 year ago
Fuckin THANK YOU!!! Stop blowing smoke at your fucking animals, people. Their sensory organs are so much more sensitive than ours!! Also, really good focus! proud of you \(^_ ^ )/
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