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Published on January 18, 2019

Hey buds! Thank you so much for supporting me here on TheWeedTube! In this video I tell you guys about my top 10 stoner pet peeves, all of which I am guilty of doing. Lol. I hope you guys enjoy the video! What are some of your peeves???

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spazanonfemalestyle 3 months ago
Yes girl, preach! Especially about pets and smoke. My pupper LOVES the smell and will get completely in my face so I have to be either outside or put a door between us lol. But it tickles my paranoia so hard about her health. I get so emotional about it when I see people do that.
miranda666 2 months ago
the dislike button should only be allowed on racist/homophobic/otherwise hateful videos lol
smokey420 2 months ago
Please check out this video of an alien. The video is called: Alien Takes A Toke Here is the link below:
lukeasdf 2 months ago
Pretty sure the way you just described the beginning of the video you're a hypocrite a giant one these are not pet peeves if you do them yourself
sofiajaneen 2 months ago
LMFAOOOO Im here for #2

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