Stoner Mukbang w/ VOODOO DOUGHNUTS


Published on January 29, 2019
What's up guys?! Welcome to a really fun low key stoner mukbang where I enjoy some delicious Voodoo doughnuts and get waaaay too lit! Thank you for watching this video! I hope we can get it to 1k likes!!!

Check out the people who made my sweater and are very supportive of TWT:
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Category : WeedTube


gigi-ebbesmier 4 months ago
Love the changing lights in the background??what a mood????
babydeartina 4 months ago
CHEERS!!! I'll take a rip with you!! Cuz I appreciate you too!!! I love you
digital890 4 months ago
I love Voodoo donuts so much! I went to Portland in September for a little under a week and it was phenomenal.
bluntlynicole 4 months ago
I am LIVING for this lighting!!!! I love these laid back videos so much, and YOU!
the-thoroughly-high-stoner 4 months ago
I fucking loved all of this. I sent you a message on Snapchat too! I hope you see it ??

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