starting a  Perpetual grow

starting a Perpetual grow



Published on October 20, 2019
I am so new at this I don't really have a clue I've just been watching videos on the weed tube and youtube if anybody has any better advice for me on ways that I should start my seeds and as well as the spacing on time I would love to know comment down below.
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NGOOB 9 months ago
them ladys are looking good
SKEastCoast 9 months ago
It's ok. They are a first generation seed. That's why I sent you a lot. I'm having similar results. If a bunch die I can send you more. I have about 500. Throw a few at a time into a wet paper towel using a plastic ziplock bag. Then, you can either take the popped seeds and place them into a wet plug in a dome tray or make a small pot with 2inches of dirt in it. Poke a 1" hole with your finger and drop the seed in root first. Gently spray top of soil a little bit. Most important thing is to keep them in a warm room around 80 degrees. That's why mine kept failing a few months ago. I have 3 cycles going, veg then first month of flower and final month of flower.If you are only able, for example, to grow 4 plants in flower then you will want to harvest 2 plants per month and start 2-3 plants every month. Either have 2 separate flower rooms or put both groups in one flower room.
Detroitvapes420 9 months ago
Nice plants.. I'm trying to start a grow where I harvest every 1 to 2 months. This is my first grow so I'm still building it up.
JordPipp 9 months ago
How old are those plants my man?
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