spider farmer sf4000 weekly update, 9 weeks completed!!

spider farmer sf4000 weekly update, 9 weeks completed!!



Published on May 30, 2020
Weekly update
Category : Education


NomadicNative 2 months ago
I can only recall seeing clear tric homes this late in flower twice. The first time I blew it & harvested to early. The second time I started checking trics both morning & night & what I saw was suddenly they all clouded up together over the course of 24 hours, VERY fast!! Watch’um close :) That SF4000 is kickin ass & takin initials .... ain’t slowing down long enough to get full names :) Love that light!!
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
I want all of it.
BadGranny 2 months ago
Wow smellslikedope!! Amazing garden my friend, wish there was smell o vision!!! I bet is smells amazing in there!!! Do you do complete darkness in your final finish? Not that I know anything about growing inside, (or outside for that matter, haaahaa) I personally have found that when I put the plants in complete darkness, the trichomes change quickly. Clearly you know what your doing , my friend I'm totally drooling over your beautiful ladies!!! sending you and your ohana big love from your big island Fan!
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