Solvents - Solventless Vs. Solvent-Free


Published on May 06, 2019

Let's discuss solvents & what they are in Cannabis - Solventless Vs. Solvent-Free!

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stonedalone 2 weeks ago
This cleared up so much to me! I love how informative your videos are
creativeharm 1 week ago
you can do the same thing with CBD! For some reason, most companies who extract cbd concentrate all look like the same..."candle wax" as I call it. BUT there is a company out there called wildflowerhempco that make full spectrum shatter and rosin CBD that looks exactly like you'd expect from THC--except it's CBD. I have no idea why that consistency isn't across the board like it is with THC though.
yeahimstoned 1 week ago
dope video!

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