Published on July 09, 2019

i felt like talking to you guys a lil bit about life and some updates and obviously i smoked weed bc it's me

i hate descriptions

im high

Category : WeedTube


ArendRichard 2 weeks ago
Sepia vibes heavy
sierrarosemua 2 weeks ago
i didnt expect a notification for this but im certainly not mad at it ❤
kyra-xoxo 1 week ago
more videos plz I'd love to send more love in the comments here
medi-growaustralia 2 weeks ago
such chill vibes
0PAN.demonium0 2 weeks ago
ok ok ok so, 1. I LOVE your bongs, can I just say that? Literally, so cute. 2. You have such an amazing personality and your vids are always so fun to watch. ily have a good night/day

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