Soil 103 - FIVE Recipes + How To Test Soil + Lex’s Soil Preferences

Soil 103 - FIVE Recipes + How To Test Soil + Lex’s Soil Preferences



Published on November 29, 2019

Today on Lex's World - the two dominant schools of thought in soil gardening, how to get an analysis done on soil and super soil recipe how-to.

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CasualGamer394 8 months ago
That's about the simplest anyone has ever explained super soil and recipes for making some. Everyone else is way too detailed and usually don't write it out on the screen. So, thank you.
mrking 8 months ago
So not a fan of Fox Farm Ocean Forest?
K.Hill 8 months ago
Excellent video Lex. Thank you for the information.
melefarmer 7 months ago
Too much ads not using this site anymore
CannEhDian420 8 months ago
I have attempted to make my own soil, but never managed to get the right ratios. The last time I transplanted, I mixed two parts Fox Farms Ocean Forest with one part all purpose soil from a local garden centre. I found that the extra I paid for the Fox Farm was well worth it - my plants showed phenomenal vegetative growth even though I didn't add any fertilizer. I mixed in the all purpose soil because Ocean Forest tends to be too "hot" when it's used on its own.
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