Smoking TOO Much Weed (w/ The Weed Jesus) || Part 2


Published on May 14, 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Part 2 of Watch and Sesh with Weed Jesus! In this second part, we talk about how Weed Jesus has grown and evolved, more about my trip to India and the overconsumption of cannabis on social media. It’s a great ending to the whole episode and I hope you enjoy!


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mommabelle 1 week ago
_,\|/,_ The GREATEST of these is LOVE _,\|/,_
0xabi13 1 week ago
Is there a podcast too? It would be nice to listen to this while out and about.
chroniccrafter 1 week ago
Everything said in this podcast was so on point. Sending lots of love to you both
babydeartina 1 week ago
This is by far my favorite watch and sesh!!! THANK YOU BOTH for being so open during this discussion!! I love you both!
geoffrey 1 week ago
such a good episode! loved what you both said about religion & Jesus & love & respecting mary jane

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