Smoking From The FRONT Of The Joint


Published on March 14, 2019
I am finally back for another smoke sesh. I smoke the rest of an old joint and even attempt to smoke from the front. This was filmed on a school day and I went to a playground not to far from my college to spark. Luckily there weren’t any kids so I was pretty much free to blaze as much as I wanted
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Category : Vlog Life


angelicprn614 1 month ago
Im not picking about water brands either but I can tell a difference between fiji and Dasani. Dasani almost tastes like tap water and it does have a chemical taste too it . Someone said it was NYC street water ?. I doubt that but who knows .
angelicprn614 1 month ago
Also the prices you have are good. In Ohio 2.8 grams is $50 ? right now . That's the medical mj program. They said it should lower since it just started . A lot of people are complaining not just because of that but because it was declared legal medically in 2017 . The deadline for dispensaries was in the fall but they didn't open till Feb. There's only flower atm. No edibles , tinctures etc. They said it will come soon
blondestoner33 2 months ago
Hey I subscribe ?????