SMOKING DICE GAME with the linx


Published on January 28, 2019
Smoking dice game with The Linx Blaze was actually a full on blast - and it got me lit haha. So win-win.


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Hope you guys liked this review!
Category : WeedTube


sammimcdabberpants 4 months ago
My sister bought me that dice gamein 2015 and I still have yet to play it ?
babydeartina 4 months ago
That Linx fucked you up!!
crazymisfit420 4 months ago
That linx fucked u up lol cheers ?????
dreamcatcherspirit 4 months ago
that linx fucked you up.
jasminebunny 4 months ago
The linx fucked you up! I’d love to see you use the dice with some friends too, maybe in a hot box! That would make a cool video :)

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