Smoke With Me - Glider Port


Published on November 26, 2018
Hello everyone! Finally back from my two week hiatus with some updates for you guys :) I will be focusing more on vlogging and exploring San Diego, while smoking and sharing with you all of course! Please grab your fave smoking device and join me on my first vlog to one of my favorite smoke spots.
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Category : Vlog Life


stoneyscorpio26 5 months ago
Sending love and positive vibes your way!
puffpuffcereal 5 months ago
Sorry to hear you've been going through some frustrations! But we totally get the need to take a break. We've been on a long break too. Loving your 1st video back!
puffpuffcereal 5 months ago
Also...Glider Port looks awesome. Excited to see more of your vlog vids!
inspectorchronic 5 months ago
I hope that you're doing well, sending love and positive vibes. I hope to be able to smoke with you one day!

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