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Published on January 26, 2019

In this video, I celebrate 1k subscribers on here by having a smoke sesh with my pigs! I answer lots of questions about them & just hangout in the barn for a bit! ENJOY!
Vlog from the day we got Ducky:


arasara 2 months ago
Does peach help duckie in anyway since duckies deaf?
arasara 2 months ago
Omg I'm just imagining duckie going "yup yup yup!"
brooklynsbotanicas 2 months ago
Love you and the farm! Thanks for sharing. Stay smiling.. always my favorite part.
emily99 2 months ago
Am I stoned or does it look like you are in front of a green screen in that last clip hahaha this is dope
dreamcatcherspirit 2 months ago
1. your not crazy my depression has creeped back up since the blood mood/ my period is coming soon too. 2. on average pigs are as smart as a 3 year old. 3. mini pigs are not real! you are correct on that they just grow slower. love you love the piggies!

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