Smoke Sesh: What The Fuck is CBD?

Smoke Sesh: What The Fuck is CBD?



Published on March 18, 2019
Hey, everyone! I decided to film a sesh video for you all since the last one went over well. I talk (rant) about CBD, mangos, and other weird things that pop into my head. Be sure to follow me on Instagram! @indicawife
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angelicprn614 5 months ago
I think some companies are overpricing cbd and some of the stuff they have doesnt even really have cbd in it. some of its really just snake oil-olive oil in a bottle. Companies are being corrupt and some of them are pyramid schemes. People need to research the companies and ask for lab results especially for the cbd hemp products. theres a whole controversy about cbd in hemp vs marijuana too on which one is better. cbd is cbd and hemp and marijuana are both cannabis. The main diff is hemp has .3% of thc or lower. anything about that would be considered marijuana and scheduled 1. it being a schedule 1 drug is ridiculous in itself...but thats another story. Sorry Im going to make this long The reason why cbd has become popular is because its more well known that it has anti-anxiety components and is helpful for people with seizures. Its the part in cannabis that doesnt get you high (thc). Some people cant deal with strains that have too much thc in it. some people are so sensitive that they cant do thc at all. cbd is normally the medical part of cannabis for inflammation, anxiety, pain and seizures . Thc has some medical components too but like i said the higher the thc the more high someone is going to be and some people dont like the feeling. I guess it depends on what someone is trying to treat. Thats why they have different ratios of cbd-thc in tinctures, edibles, flower. A plain cbd isolate without thc isnt going to do much for nausea because thc is known more in cannabis to help nausea. Also cbd works better with thc present (whole entourage effect). also thc is known more for helping depression than cbd. The best thing is the entourage effect depending on what someone is trying to treat- cbd, cbn, cbg, terpenes. cbn is best known for helping people sleep so if someone has insomnia . cbn is the degraded component of thc. their best bet is to find a strain thats indica and high in cbn. thc is normally better for insomnia than cbd because some people get racy thoughts and paranoia with high thc strains so they find that its a better ratio with 1:1 of cbd-thc
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