She's Really Bizzy RN with an Intro Hotbox! Get to Know Me! In my Bathroom!


Published on February 26, 2019
I'm really bizzy right now - with my first The Weedtube Video! Do you want to watch someone who clearly has no idea what to do with their hands? Are you ready to watch this beauty of a video to learn fun things about ME?! ARE YOU READY FOR THE VIDEO I HAVE BEEN PROMISING (mostly to myself) TO DO FOR
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lovebekahh 2 months ago
omg is the little tank on the dhc website?
torep2 2 months ago
Lmfaooo dude the part when you did the O's and you looked at the last one and said "I did it" ? You have the most heart warming smile! Much love and please continue to make videos !
coffeebreakwithoji 2 months ago
Ohhhhhh gurl you be killing it. Subscribed!!!!! Huge fan! Hope to collaborate and shoot a video with you when I’m in LA late this year ????

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