Seeds Popped | Germination Success | Grow Tracking

Seeds Popped | Germination Success | Grow Tracking



Published on March 26, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we have a quick look at the garden, our seeds germinating and germinated. We also have a brief look at the gardening room, and how I keep track of my grow on both calendar form and in a binder. I’ll take you through some of my notes too!

I hop

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BadGranny 4 months ago
Great Job Zoltrix!!! looks like your going to have some nice babies!! if your new seed sprouting method doesn't work for you , my bubble wrap/H2O2/maukonkey /sucrose worked to well for me this year on really old seeds, be glad to share if in the future you have one you would like to bring back.happy growing brother!!
MstrBubba 4 months ago
great video. You take a ton of notes. well done.
THC-Hunter 4 months ago
I found also that if the tap root aint long enough it wont grow well. Nice video!
HeartStrongGarden 4 months ago
hardcore man ♡♡ great stuff
JayGrows 4 months ago
Great video man. I am curious myself how those seeds will germinate in the weak nutrient solution. That 12 step process is hardcore for sure haha. Technically the endosperm inside a seed is supposed to support the growth until the seedling can produce its own energy through photosynthesis. May help break the dormancy issue you are experiencing though who knows, Ed Rosenthal does know his stuff. Those are some detailed notes! That grow calendar is a great idea, thanks!
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