Saying HIGH To Everyone On TWT and Smoking Some 9LB Hammer x SSSDH


Published on July 06, 2019 - 30% discount code at SAFE online marijuana seed banks. Also a $120 discount code for those wanting to get their master growers certification WHICH IS pulling $120k a year. Worth looking into fellow growers and smokers.

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AardVark 2 weeks ago
Sending positive growers karma out to everyone watching
BigTexx 1 week ago
yeah Fuck YouTube they suck you tell them
Dabdad420Army 2 weeks ago
Hey brother thanks for the sub as I see I’ve subbed back hope u enjoy my videos as I’m hoping to urs as well
shivablaze 2 weeks ago
Sending positive vibes. sad to hear what happened but you have a new family full of support
Bigdirt 2 weeks ago
Take it easy Bro

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