Saving Money shopping around & Building your own Grow Light with Dutchman420

Saving Money shopping around & Building your own Grow Light with Dutchman420



Published on August 14, 2020

live n learn and save..$$$$ lINKS FOR THE BUILD: ,--HEATSINK ---QUANTUM BOARDS & HEATSINK htt

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Wabbit 1 month ago
thats some solid info my friend, most of us have tech skills enough to put together a board so that is a total money saving tip, keep them coming my friend, lol excited to see it fully built and hanging in your tent, you are right its gonna be bright, stay safe and happy growing
IckyStickies 1 month ago
Hey Mr Dutchman! Great info, and an awesome saving too - cheers for sharing the love mate. Shipping to over here would probably be $100+, one of the many unfortunate things about being so far away! lol. I ended up doing a large trim today so I'll try harder to do a video tomorrow. Can't show the ladies off all naked and stuff, they'll be right tomorrow haha. Have a good one!
ZoltrixGrower 4 weeks ago
Must of missed this but I swear I already seen it lol. happy growing!
JayGrows 1 month ago
Hey Dutchman! It's been a while, thought I'd drop in to say hi! Hope you had a great summer dude! Looks like you have some pretty great informative content that I need to catch up on. Thanks for spreading the knowledge that you have learned and dumping it back into the community! Thanks for the tips on how to build your own lights for less $$$! Cool to see how the tent does with all full spectrum lighting now, right on man! Take care buddy!
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