Ridiculous Dab *FAIL*


Category : Comedy
Published on May 04, 2018

This is a historic R3DBAND Video. Originally uploaded to YouTube on 8/19/2015. They gave me a strike on this last month but then granted my appeal and allowed the video again.

Breaking my favorite rig was heartbreaking. Pulse Glass sent the original wigwag ashcatcher that broke and TAG sent a rep...

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weedanwine 11 months ago
Fuuuuuuck, kinda surprised you didn't scream more haha I think I would've.
lordmogy365 11 months ago
Dayum! It was like watching 'Breaking Bongs' on the Tube that shall not be mentioned. lol
parsley 11 months ago
All that bong water on the carpet...
april 11 months ago
This was so heartbreaking to watch ???? rip
carpac 11 months ago
Oh my gosh! This breaks my heart!

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