Raw Edition Why Chuwy smokes Cannabis


Published on April 30, 2019
Hey! Welcome back to another episode of Chuwys Up In Smoke! This time I wanted to do things a bit differently… This is the first time I start to talk about a few of the medical benefits I have gotten from using cannabis. The struggle was real when I had my first meeting with depession. I had
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ArendRichard 2 months ago
I’m commenting on this from the app :)
ArendRichard 2 months ago
stonedalone 2 months ago
Ayyy Chuwy, I love the realness
babydeartina 2 months ago
It's always worth it!!!! Love you
queenbae420 2 months ago
fuck I love the fact how you real you are and the courage you have doing it all, I am a victim of PTSD along w anxiety and depression and it sucks.. but I love how you are you and be able to post like you guys do.. #

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