RAINY MIDNIGHT SMOKE SESH// Silenced Hippie | SilencedHippie


iamnoesilva 1 month ago
the app is awesome this is my first comment from the app
ArendRichard 1 month ago
commenting from the APP SASHA
thegoldenfive-west 1 month ago
Love the video, reminded me of all the sesh videos in the corner of your room with the art work behind you. I'm going to the Hightimes Cup and I'm excited to meet you and all the other content creators as well Macdizzle and Koala (Anjela) This will be my first weedy event, so I'm looking forward to this coming weekend. Many good and positive vibes I'm sending your waySasha May all your travels be smooth and that you will find distractions or things to keep your mind busy so the hours will go by quick.
xokaitlymox 1 month ago
Lmfao I relate to the bug thing so much. I actually woke up with a spider on my face the other day ?
alysmokes 1 month ago
So happy youre going to be in sac for 4/20! I actually had a job interview the other day and should be hearing back any time now but if not my boyfriend said we will drive over to meet you guys!

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