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Published on June 29, 2018
Ello poppets!!! In todays new video MacDizzle420 and TheJoyaRide get quizzed on gay terminology at Hitman Coffee Shop in LA! We had so much fun making this video andI had even more fun editing it! I hope you guys enjoy!

Check out their channels on TheWeedTube:

MacDizzle: https://www.theweedtube.
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Category : LGBTQ Community


mystonerlife 11 months ago
YES! The hitman coffee shop video!! Love this & all the rigs!!! AH too amazing.
lilianpearl 11 months ago
Thanks for educating us and making us laugh at the same time Arend. Really like to see all three of you together, so much fun! Thanks to Spike for the camera work. Much love.
wisp 11 months ago
we love you spike <3 i feel like i learned a couple things today so thank you Mr. Gay Stoner
merictez 11 months ago
Trade means the guy you slept with last night girl
jinxestogoaround 11 months ago

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