Q&A House Tour With 11 Puff Pack Pieces


Published on October 28, 2018
It was about time for a house tour video - even thought turned into mostly me smoking in different rooms, lol. That counts right?

All these pieces came from Puff Pack - http://bit.ly/koalapuffpack
You can use Discount code "KOALA" for a 10% discount on any order ;)
Another Video Coming Soon!! :D

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Category : WeedTube


clohejade 8 months ago
I also include the pantry whenever giving house tours, give em the goods
wisp 8 months ago
<3 <3
doubledcannabis 8 months ago
Love the nails =)
byalopez 8 months ago
tobacco with weed, every single time is a fuckng bomb LITERALLY.
byalopez 8 months ago
it gotta be out of a bong, try to rip the hole bowl, maybe u gon pass out lol

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