Q&A BLUNT HOTBOX | Bentley Blaze


Published on July 12, 2019

decided to start uploading on weed tube!!!

hope you guys enjoy!

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main: stfumatthew

weed insta: thebentleyblaze

snapchat: matthewjbaileyy

twitter: matthewbaileyo

Q&A BLUNT HOTBOX | Bentley Blaze

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tori 1 week ago
You do not look how you sound holy shit
dabygail 1 week ago
Cetaphil is good, loved this video! Im a new weedtuber too, we should totally sub to each other so we can see each other’s new content :)
RandomContentOnYT 1 week ago
love that u have a weedtube account now!! been following you since youtube
sammygirl 3 days ago
You should promote ur weedtube Channel more . YouTube sucks ass );
q.u.i.n.c.y 1 week ago
hi lovely, i randomly found your channel on youtube and i love your vids lol. <3

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