Puff n' Talks [EP4]: Am I the only one who feels this way!? w/ Dimes Delūxe


Category : Vlog Life
Published on April 03, 2019

This video wasn't planned but I'm glad my boyfriend was recording at that moment. Social media causes us to be scared to speak our minds sometimes because we don't know how people will react, ESPECIALLY when you're trying to get people to know you, like you, and respect you. I've always held back my...

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mystic420cannababe 1 week ago
This is some real shit. Glad he was recording. ?
sessions 2 weeks ago
Why do we do that? I stress out so much about how I look sometimes, taking that extra time to do my makeup and straighten my hair before I film? How is that going to make people like my content more? I FEEL this. I keep tuning in because you guys talk about some real stuff you know? Plus y'all are funny. Keep up the great work guys!
chocolatemar 2 weeks ago
first video, subscribed! stay you sis, trust we love authenticity over hereee <3

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