Puff n' Talks [EP1]: Our OPINION about growing organically on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms w/ Dimes Delūxe


Published on March 08, 2019
I'm starting a new segment on my channel called 'Puff n' Talks' where we get high (of course), sit & talk about our thoughts, opinions, perspectives, etc... Today, we're going to share our honest opinions about building an organic support/following on social media and what we've learned from trying to
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spiritualvibrations 2 weeks ago
try unboxings, skits, sketches, one act plays, puppet shows, strain reviews, "why i smoke", a lookbook, a dispensary tour, grwm. Also I find that regular meditation and morning pages are good ways to rev up creativity. Good luck :)
highbay 2 months ago
Really enjoyed this video! Can’t wait to watch number 2! Keep doin what your doin !
stxneytxny 2 months ago
it hard to bloooooooodcleet, trust me
michaela-420 2 months ago
I appreciate you guys??
ccpillo 2 months ago

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