Presidential OG (28.10% THC) (Strain Review #9)

Presidential OG (28.10% THC) (Strain Review #9)



Published on August 04, 2019

This Indica is perfect for stress or insomnia!! Also i'm working on ways I can make the strain reviews a bit longer, maybe I can start adding thought provoking questions at the end, and you guys can comment your opinion below!!

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AardVark 11 months ago
As we keep breeding ( correctly that is ), the % will keep raising. Not sure to what extent but I am excited to keep testing my strains with labs and seeing where things go.
420Organixx 11 months ago
A pure OG phenotype would mean that the clone used for cultivating the flower you are smoking leaned completely towards the OG Kush parent rather than the Bubblegum parent. A phenotype is essentially the individual plant within a strain, for example, 500 presedential OG seeds means 500 phenotypes, some will lean more OG Kush, some more Bubblegum, but the one you have was as close to OG kush as the cultivator could get it.
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